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April Newsletter

6th April 2018

It’s finally summertime here in Sweden, at least that’s what the clock says. Outside is still freezing but at least we’ve got more daylight to work on Hubert!

February and March have been extremely busy. We spent most of our time in meetings with users, developing Hubert and improving the user onboarding experience. We keep getting a lot of questions about customizable questions and LMS integration, and we can assure you that we are working as hard as we can on these fronts.

Check out this blog post to get a better feel for why we’re building Hubert:

Hubert blog post

How Chatbots and Text Analytics Will Replace Surveys in Education

User Onboarding
You may have noticed a new tab ‘Dashboard’ in your Hubert account. Hopefully, you all know how Hubert works by now, but the purpose of this page is for unfamiliar users to get a quick overview over the possibilities in Hubert and to understand how to get started.
We’ve also added some example results from a typical evaluation to show users how the results are built. Btw, you do know we have an advanced results view as well, right? It’s well hidden, but by pressing the three dots on the basic results page you can discover even deeper insights from you evaluation.


A.I Development
On the A.I side, things are constantly moving forward. Recently, we got invited to speak at AI4X, a mini conference sponsored by the Wallenberg foundation, held in Stockholm. Nils talked in front of a mesmerized audience about Hubert and our internal development.


Press coverage
Some newspapers recently recognized our work and what we’re trying to accomplish with Hubert. Read more in Inside Higher Ed and Voice of America here:


Hubert.ai Helps Instructors Sort and Process Student Evaluations


New AI Technology Lets Students Evaluate Professors by 'Chatting'

User review
Hubert user Cal Armstrong wrote up a great review from his experience with Hubert. Learn more about what thoughts he and his students had here:
Course Evaluations via AI... "I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid that's what I think"

And the winner is… Hubert.ai!
We are incredibly proud to announce that we took home the win in the AI category in the 2018 edition of EdTechDigests’ yearly competition. Read more about it here:


Hope you’ll continue to have as much fun using Hubert as we have creating him! And as always, if you have any feedback for us it’s warmly welcome. If you feel like talking to us, you can also book a demo or a meeting with us here.

Until next time, peace out.
The Hubert crew

Growth Guy @ Hubert.ai

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