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January Newsletter

29th January 2018

The new version is out!

Yes, the updated Hubert was, unfortunately, a bit delayed. We encountered some persistent (and annoying) bugs in the front-end that we had to deal with. January the 23rd, it was time for the final push, and The Hubert Beta 2™ has been alive and kicking since.
So far we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback towards the new Hubert. Please, try him out and see for yourself :)

Send a new evaluation

The extended deadline on the new Hubert deploy also brought some good things. We managed to squeeze in some new, cool functionality to the user interface as well — And not just any new functionality.

Categorization of external data!

Many educators have reached out to us, saying they have heaps of open-ended feedback responses from surveys, but not enough time to categorize, analyze and really use these comments for improvements.
As we have built a deep learning text-mining tool that categorizes and analyzes Huberts’ conversations, we figured we could lift out that functionality into a standalone service. So we did.
Now, you can upload comments from your surveys in CSV, Numbers or Excel format arranged in any way, and Hubert pushes them through his algorithm and spits out neatly sorted comments that are easy to browse through. Still absolutely free of course.
We should also mention that this is still in experimental mode, but with more training data and a little patience, Hubert skills will improve fast.

Try it now

Next question please

People change their mind all the time. Students included. That’s why we have added functionality to skip, restart, or go back to the previous question. Hubert gets these, any many similar commands, and obeys them like the good bot that he is.

New partnership!

One of the most devoted blogs to teacher growth and development we ever encountered is the Teach Though-blog, run by Terry Heick. Naturally, we became huge fans of his thoughtful commentaries and had to reach out to see if we could assist in any way. Together we now form a partnership aimed to further help teachers around the world improve and develop. Go check out his blog if you haven’t already.

Hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming mid-term evaluations season. It really is a great opportunity for improvement!
And don’t forget that Hubert is with you to make sure your progression is based on qualitative, reliable, and comprehensible data.

Until next time, peace out.
The Hubert crew

Growth Guy @ Hubert.ai

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