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July Newsletter

13th July 2018

Here's what we've been doing in the last few weeks:

Role and evaluation object customization

As a first step towards fully customizable questions sets, we've opened up for users to chose role and object for the evaluation.

As you're about to send an evaluation, you can choose from a variety of titles and objects/activities within the educational sector to align the evaluation closer to your role and mission.

evaluation role and object

Try it out now!

Send a new evaluation

Hubert satisfaction score & evaluation summary

Many users have been wondering how students perceive Hubert. As Hubert is a curious bot, he always asks each student how he compares to a normal feedback survey. This information is used to improve Hubert from the students' point of view.

We keep getting both a lot of good input for future version and praise from students who appreciate not having to fill out surveys.

We understand how important it is to you as an educator to get input from your students' on new technology and other changes in practice. Therefore we've made it easy to browse comments from your students' perception of Hubert. Simply click on the new card 'Hubert satisfaction' to explore.

Hubert satisfaction score will also be retroactively implemented to your old evaluations so you can follow changes in attitude.

Hubert satisfaction

The new evaluation summary is a tailored comment informing you about overall details from the evaluation.

Onboarding tour
What did this button do again?

For new and occasional Hubert users, we hope it'll be helpful with an onboarding tour to help you discover new (and forgotten) functionality. The tour can be found on the 'Start'-tab and covers Create New and the Results pages.

Latest blog entries

Here's what we've posted since the last newsletter:

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Hope you’ll continue to have as much fun using Hubert as we have creating him! And as always, if you have any feedback for us it’s warmly welcome. If you feel like talking to us, you can also book a demo or a meeting with us here.

We wish all our users in the northern hemisphere a great summer and hope to talk to you more this autumn!

The Hubert crew

Growth Guy @ Hubert.ai

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