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November Newsletter

27th November 2017

4 months into the beta and Hubert is now used in almost 400 schools worldwide. Every time we hear from teachers experiences with Hubert, we get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Please keep sharing your stories and experiences- good and bad alike, we’re basing future updates on your valuable feedback. 
Thank you all who continue to use Hubert in spite of conversations full of ‘could you elaborate on that?’ and ‘could you narrow it down please?’.
Huberts’ brain size is about to get a whole lot bigger and will soon be able to do a much better job at replacing boring surveys.

Here’s what we have been doing in November.

Working on Hubert-X
The bits and pieces in the updated beta version are starting to properly fall into place. Our AI-ninja, Nils, has worked tirelessly to integrate his updated dialog management system and has made bold promises of the capability of the new Hubert.
Erik, the product lead at Hubert.ai, has tried his best not to completely lose his mind when going through training examples for Huberts’ learning algorithm. So far, Hubert has been trained on around 10.000 responses and is growing smarter by every response. 

Advanced results 
Advanced results will be included in the new release and our developers have been hacking away furiously to make it happen. Progress has been abundant and it’s starting to look really good. As of now, there are mostly minor details that need to fall into place before it’s ready for testing. 

New blog and new partnership
In the growth department, things have been busy as usual. A large task this month was integrating a new blog on our own domain as a complement to our Medium-blog.
What I’m most happy to be able to announce is that we, during November have initiated a super-exciting partnership with Differ! They’re building a chat based learning community causing student engagement to skyrocket.
As we all know, learning happens when teachers have time to engage and motivate their students. But many teachers are stuck with repetitive, manual work and have less time to follow-up their students. Hubert is now teaming up with Differ to automate the boring half of teaching.
Differ is an award-winning course communication app that has proven 19 times increased student engagement in higher education. If you are or have been thinking about using Facebook groups course communication, Differ is probably a better option.
Differ has Robot Teaching Assistants that can help teachers. As an example, the Differ bot can help you create peer groups on the fly.

Our ambition is to seamlessly integrate Hubert and Differ. We believe the bots of education should work together to maximize the value to the teachers.
As a first treat to our friends, we managed to get Differ to give all existing Hubert users a free (forever) teacher trial.

Grab your free forever trial now

Pst. Please note Differ has a waiting list per now, but if you say the magic word “hubert” you will get first in line

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 
That’s all for this month. In a week or two, we’ll start rolling out the updated version into production, so keep your eyes peeled. 
As evaluation season is rapidly approaching don’t forget about Hubert when the time comes. Until next time, peace out.

The Hubert crew

Growth Guy @ Hubert.ai

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