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October Newsletter

24th October 2018

Dear friends of Hubert,

We hope autumn is treating you well.
October has been magical at the Hubert factory. A lot of work, but magical.
Earlier this year we signed a big pilot project with a large manufacturing company which will be using Hubert to solicit feedback from employees. That required us to rebuild large parts of Huberts' inner workings in a short time and involved a couple of late night sessions.

Hubert CTO sleeping

The project was delivered on time and is currently being tested on site.

New Functionality
The original version of Hubert.ai has undergone some changes as well. We've gotten a lot of requests for sharable results and we can now announce that we've delivered on this wish. If you would like to share your results with other people, with or without a Hubert-account, simply switch the toggle button found at the bottom of the basic results view. The results are clickable just as in your account. We are working on a PDF-results generator and functionality to invite another Hubert-user to view results as well.

Shareable results Hhubert

Check out some example results here.

Question representation
A while back, one of our users had the following comment showing up in the comment explorer:

having assignments

What's going on here? Should it be start having assignments or stop having assignments? There was no way of knowing. This has been solved by linking the question to each response. Simply hover the response to see what question it belongs to.

Other updates

A conversation counter in the results list view

A Delete Evaluation-button(!!!!)

Add a personal message to your evaluation invite email

An updated index page.

If you have a wish for a new functionality, let us know and we will make it happen!

Best wishes,
The Hubert crew

Growth Guy @ Hubert.ai

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