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13th September 2018

Dear friends of Hubert,
We hope you have had an awesome summer and gotten a good start to the new term.

After a sizzling hot summer here in Sweden, things have started to go back to normal. Despite the heat, we have made some good progress on Hubert and just managed to release a new version containing some pretty cool stuff.

New question sets
Supporting more questions were a bit trickier than anticipated since it affected dialog flow and the results page in many ways. We've managed to work around this issue and have developed support for easy insertion of more questions. Please let us know what more questions you would like to ask and we will make it happen.

We've added two new question sets for formative evaluations for now and will continue to add more continuously.

Adjustable duration time
A long requested feature. Choose from a set of different duration times on how long you'd like to have your evaluation open for input. Reminders will adjust automatically and be sent at regular intervals. The remaining duration of your evaluation is visible in your account.

Queuebert is LIVE(!!!)

We had our fair share of feedback saying that answering a question in a chat conversation is often done by typing multiple short messages one after another. To support this style of communication we had to think long and hard, but we've finally started to roll out this revolutionary feature.
If Hubert senses you have more to say (if you start writing shortly after your last sent message), Hubert will queue his next message and wait until you're finished.

evaluation role and object

Try it out now and let us know what you think, we're pretty pleased with this function ourselves.

Send a new evaluation

Coming up
Next up, we're focusing on a new way of delivering insights to different stakeholder roles throughout the college hierarchy.
As different stakeholders require different kinds of data, soon we will be able to aggregate data aimed at different roles. From a detailed report on what the students found most helpful in the classroom to the big picture showing overall student satisfaction - division by division, course by course, or instructor by instructor.
Here's a first preview of how it will look.


We are searching for more partner institutions willing to give this a try, so if you or someone you know would like a more efficient way of distributing student feedback data - give us a shout at hubert@hubert.ai

Until next time,
Peace out

Growth Guy @ Hubert.ai

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